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Show Off Your Class with Dazzling Kanchi Silk Sarees    

A south Indian bride is imperfect without a Kanchi Silk Saree. Vivid colors, glossy fabric and beautiful broad border make these sarees immensely popular among women who belong to a class. It is not an ordinary saree, but 9 yard wonder. At present, the planet has become a global town and Kanchipuram Sarees are accessible all around the globe. These sarees hold a special position in the hearts of women, especially who love Indian tradition, culture and here to buy

ananda kanchi silk saree in pink gold zari border

Specialty of Kanchi Sarees    

The older the saree is the more special and precious in becomes.  Kanchi bridal Sarees are the pride of Sound India and known for their durability. It is not just for your lifetime, but also to last beyond. The striking designs are woven with golden and silver threads to make them just perfect for various occasions, including ceremony, festival and wedding, etc. Sun, moon, chariots, deer, swans and peacock, are some famous designs. Temples, palaces and ancient paintings are also women that are unexceptionally noticeable. The shine and permanence have made these sarees out of the crowd. Latest silk sarees online shopping at

dark cream kanchipuram gold wedding silk saree

Why Kanchi bridal Silk Sarees are so expensive?

Wearing Kanchipuram silk not only makes you look gorgeous, but rich as well. There are convincing evidences to support the statement. To come up with brilliant shine, the threads are dipped in solutions of real silver and gold. The gold and silver threads, popularly known as ‘zari’ are made with about 57% of real silver and .6% of pure gold. It is woven with mulberry silk that is procured from Karnataka. Before carrying out the woven process, the weavers dip the thread in rice water and dry in the sunlight. Owing to heavy weight and smooth fabric, it is considered a perfect choice for special occasions. Wedding sarees are profoundly garlanded with pulsating hue and embroideries.

chilli red bridal silk saree in gold zari border

A bit about the origin

The beginning of these dazzling traditional silk sarees dates back to centuries ago. According to the legends, there was a weaver Sage Markanda who weaves for Gods. His skills were conveyed to his pupils who are known as Kanchi Silk Weavers. It is believed that these weavers are at the back of origin of this fabric. A city Kanchipuram in Tamilnadu is the native land of these sarees. Now, this city is famous all around for immense production of silk sarees website . They are hand woven by skilled craftsmen who are immensely creative and innovative.

cream gold wedding silk saree

The exceptional effects

Over the time, Kanchipuram Silk Sarees have undergone lots of transformations, while maintaining the traditional values along with the grace and elegance. However, to cater to the expectations and needs of modern people, some other materials are used to weave the sarees. The designs are going mechanized. It speeds up the production speed of the sarees. The border, Pallu and body, are woven separately and joined together. Pallu is the main attraction of the saree and craftsmen put all their imagination to make it excellently stunning.

full gold kanchipuram wedding silk saree