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Kanchipuram sarees – Flaunt your style and embrace your feminine side

India’s tradition is hidden is the smallest of things and finding it is an intriguing and rewarding journey. Women can flaunt their style and dress up in the most beautiful way, by wearing a fabulous Saree. They never run out of options and each festival gives them a new reason to celebrate their uniqueness. Kanchipuram Sarees will always occupy a top-spot in the list of gorgeous ethic women wear and these sarees have a rich tradition. The fabric passed through many communities and the stories enriched the beauty of this classy ethnic masterpiece. Women now have different sources to buy them, but the charm always remains constant.

pink bridal kanchipuram saree
pink bridal kanchipuram saree


Kanchipuram sarees – A brief history

According to local stories, a splendid weaver known as Sage Markanda weaved for the Gods. His talent was limitless and he even created a tissue, by using the lotus petals. His expertise about different fabrics was well-documented and this knowledge was passed to the future generations. They are now popularly known as “Kanchi Weavers”. The authenticity of the story is not confirmed, but it is true that these weavers have magic in their hands. Kanchi Silk weavers created the first Kanchipuram Saree and the rest is history. The garment became immensely popular and now it plays a significant role in the entire Indian fashion industry. These unique sarees are extraordinary and they are extremely different from normal ones.

Maybe, it is something about the weaving style or maybe it is the overall theme, but these hand-woven beauties have become a woman’s dream.  The sarees originated from the Kanchipuram tow and this small town has one thousand temples.

tamil wedding kanchipuram saree
tamil wedding kanchipuram saree


Why are Kanchi Sarees unique?

Women love to have a variety of sarees in their wardrobe and they always love to customize the six yards in the most unique way. Kanchi sarees are extremely comfortable and they have a different aura surrounding them.  The designs are absolutely beautiful and the overall appeal is simply incomparable. For women, who always stay elegant, this is the right silk saree to wear. The stitches are made carefully and it makes women, even more gorgeous. Suitable for festive occasions and parties, these silk sarees are produced by highly skilled weavers.

parrot green red border kanchi pattu silk saree

India’s handloom sector is growing in popularity and there are different reasons for this. The sector generates a great deal of employment opportunities and helps countless families. India’s economy depends greatly on this and the latest marketing initiatives are all directed to speed up the growth. The skills of the weavers come into light and the backward classes find means of livelihood. To diminish poverty, good craftsmanship should be supported. these kanchipuram silk sarees will always be in the limelight, as different varieties come into the market. if you would like to purchase kanchipuram sarees from makers https://kanjivaramsilks.com/kanchipuram-silk-sarees

Extremely elegant and naturally made

Eco-friendly products are highly in demand nowadays and Kanchi sarees are made from natural fibers. From manufacturing to production, natural fibers control everything here. Chose this eco-friendly garment and make a bold step. Indian culture is vast and nothing displays it better than Kanchipuram silk  sarees. The weavers show their artistry and this craft is something they boast of. The poor wants financial help of any kind and buying these sarees, you are actually helping them. Buy buying these products online, they can directly get a part of their money. It fills your heart with a very good feeling and it’s magical. Every piece features a separate design and the craftwork is different. This uniqueness always steals the limelight and the innovation of the workers is clearly evident.

Rose kanchi pattu silk saree with green border

Kancheepuram sarees – How are they prepared?

Mulberry silk has some distinct qualities and this thread is used to prepare Kanchivaram sarees. The hand woven beauties are native to Kanchipuram and only the manufacturing process is handled here. Raw materials are not prepared here and it comes from other regions. The most important raw materials are – threads of mulberry silk, metallic threads or Zari and colorful dyes. This saree mainly consists of three different parts and they include the main b0dy, the Zari borders and the pallu. In Kanchipuram silk sarees, the body is of a separate color and the border is in contrast with it.

royal blue brocade kanchi pattu silk saree


Creativity Unleashed – Themes used in Kanchi sarees

The weavers are influenced by the modern culture and their creativity knows no boundaries. They prepare these sarees diligently and use their innovative design thinking, to bring life to the body patterns. Several motifs like coins, parrots, mangoes, chariots, etc are seen on these kancheepuram silk sarees. The themes are remarkably unique and they are often inspired by the nature as well. A silk saree meant for affluent people to signify social standing, this is something every woman adores. The overall look of women becomes more graceful and the starched look of the pallu makes it eye-catching.


Accessorizing Kanchi sarees

Styling these silk sarees is extremely crucial for wedding and other purposes. If some things are added, the entire looks become enhanced.

A full-sleeved blouse looks extremely apt with these sarees, while jacket blouses can also be worn. High heels can give a finishing touch to this fabulous ethnic look and wearing flat shoes is not recommended. When it comes to jewelry, classic pieces will always have the first preference. However, western jewelry is slowly making in-roads in the Indian market and they help in making a bold fashion.


Where to buy Kanjeevaram sarees?

Going online is the best place to purchase Kanjeevaram sarees and there is no alternative to this option. The prices are reasonable and the varieties are huge. Moreover, users can select the sarees, as per their convenience and pay the money in a totally effortless manner. A good number of e-commerce sites have taken up the responsibility to promote handloom products and the weavers directly supplies the sarees. These workers are getting a massive advantage from this and they are getting good price too. Customers are also greatly satisfied with the quality of the products.
Gorgeous, colorful and elegant, these beautiful sarees have a niche market and it just keeps on expanding. Order conveniently and make your presence felt by wearing an amazing Kanchivaram saree.


Be a style diva by buying gorgeous Kanchi silk sarees online

Indian women have a special place in their heart for silk sarees and this is the prime reason why Kanchivaram sarees are so famous. The colours are used diligently and the fabric has a rich feeling to it. The scintillating golden thread creates absolutely magnificent patterns and India’s tradition is weaved in this garment. Ethnic wear has become extremely crucial and the fashion spotlight is on it. Women never like anything dull and mainstream and they love a bit of experimentation.

Kanchipuram sarees – Where it all started?

The journey of these sarees has been amazing and in the modern times, it became more accessible. The Kanchipuram city witnessed the birth of this amazing craft form and the weavers associated themselves with something special. The Kanchipuram town is often given the name “Silk City” and the title is a well deserved one. The citizens create these marvellous sarees and their livelihood totally depends on that. Most commonly seen in weddings in South India, these sarees make woman look drop dead gorgeous. The trend of buying Kanchipuram silk sarees online is a new one, but it helped the weavers a lot.

yellow mustard kanjivaram bridal silk saree

Enrich your collection by buying good quality sarees

For special occasions, your wardrobe needs something new. Investing in a good saree is a smart choice and it pays dividends in the years to come. Browse the gorgeous Kancheepuram sarees online collections from online portals and prepare to flaunt a new look.  Sophistication blended with grace produces something extraordinary and this is exactly what you get by buying these marvellous products.  Every piece is artistically made and you will love the feeling you get after wearing them. These sarees have guaranteed quality and they are manufactured by some of the most talented weavers.

Advantages of buying Kanchi sarees online

Apart from the convenience and affordability, online platforms offer you many amazing advantages. The first one is price comparison, while making the purchase. A huge number of websites are present and you will never feel the shortage of choices. The pricing system is different for every website and this gives you the opportunity to pick something which gives you complete satisfaction. Second of all, these online stores showcase great customer service. After buying the product, you can easily contact them, if you come across a problem. They are happy to sort out the matter and present a viable solution.

Complete your wedding sarees shopping in style

Looking absolutely flawless at weddings is a challenging task and women try everything to look their best. Kanchi wedding sarees are perfect for Indian weddings and you need to buy them from trusted outlets. On online platforms, you can check the reviews and analyze the ratings given to each item. This helps in completing the wedding saree shopping smartly and conveniently. There are some featured companies as well and you can buy their most gorgeous products. The choice is in your hands, making the right decision is easy. Get Kanchi wedding sarees online and be totally ready for the wedding season.


Buy Kanjivaram sarees online and look absolutely gorgeous

Indian women have a lot of sarees to choose from and there are countless festivals to flaunt them. Sarees are perfect for everyone and it greatly complements the feminine form. Kanjivaram sarees occupy the top-spot among the most beautiful Indian sarees and they are perfectly crafted for the culturally rich Indian festivals. You can easily get Kanjivaram sarees online and choose from a wide range of options. Shopping websites feature the most amazing varieties of Kanjivaram sarees and they are rich and vibrant. Grab these amazing beauties and show your charm to the world.

Below are top 10 kanchipuram sarees

Red rose kanchipuram saree

Violet pink kanchipuram saree

offwhite and red kanchipuram saree

Black kanchipuram saree

animal design red kanchipuram saree

Ice cream pink kanchipuram saree

Why buy Kanjivaram sarees online?

Traditions are present in every nook and corner of India and this is India’s specialty. Silk sarees occupy a vast market and they have a set of loyal customers. Different types of variants are available and Kanjivaram is definitely among them. Kanjivaram sarees can be brought from anywhere, but to get the most affordable price and the finest quality, going online is the only option. Digital platforms have changed the entire shopping experience and the modern customers absolutely love the convenience. Pick the right store and get Kanjivaram sarees online smartly. Payment methods are easy and you can pay after trying on the product too.

Experience amazing product quality

By choosing the online way, you can be completely sure of getting the most superlative product. Kanjivaram sarees online are made precisely by the weavers and these online stores, bring you extraordinary products. Women can show their amazing beauty as well as impeccable charm by dawning Kanjeevaram sarees. The silky finish makes the garment extremely comfortable and the stunning designs make it more lucrative. Wear a gorgeous handloom product and support a hard-working industry. Online portals assort the best Kanjivaram sarees and present them to the customers.

Amazing features of Kanjivaram sarees

Sarees are known by their fine features and this is true for Kanjivaram sarees as well. They can give a special touch to the look of a woman and make them look extremely elegant. These sarees are not too heavy and the light weight makes them amazingly impressive. Silk of fine quality is particularly impressively and the zari design is the added bonus. Mulberry silk sarees should be bought after analyzing the fabric quality. Moreover, Kanjeevaram sarees can be worn on summer days as well. Designs are practically countless and this is a feature, women love the most. The ancient dynasties and their stories inspire the motifs and this brings a great deal of uniqueness in these sarees. Epic scenes from Ramayana as well as Mahabharata are also depicted at times.

Easy purchasing and attractive prices

By making quality products available at an extremely affordable price, online stores have become the most preferred choice. The money can be paid after delivery in most cases and this kind of convenience is not seen anywhere else. Moreover, discounts occur quite often and this helps the customers even more. Buy Kanjeevaram sarees online to add something special to your wardrobe. This saree is evergreen and it will stay perfectly fine for a long period

Explore Kanchi pattu saree’s online and pick the best one

Despite of several shopping trips and so many hours we spend on shopping for selecting the best western wear, saree shopping is the most special matter of concern for women. No matter how many dresses you have in your wardrobe, it is incomplete without an alluring Kanchi pattu saree. The soft fabric, intense colors and beautiful designs, these sarees are preferred the most for wedding ceremony, festivals and other important occasions where you would like to be the center of attractions.

Try it for a celebrity look

Kanchi pattu sarees have been the delight of every woman since long. Women love to wrap silk sarees over others as they enhance exquisiteness. You may find a huge collection of dazzling sarees in various designs, which are sold like hot cakes online. The way these sarees are designed is truly impressive. When your aim is to enhance your feminine beauty with dignity is special occasions, Kanchi pattu saree is the best pick ever. It never runs out of fashion and a perfect ethnic wear that gives you a celebrity look. Match it up with a stylish blouse and get ready to flaunt your style with sophistication.

Kanchi pattu sarees have a bright history

In South India, no one can imagine a wedding without guests wearing Kanchi pattu sarees. It is originated in a small city called Kanchi in Tamil Nadu and according to the Indian mythology, the Kanchi pattu weavers were settled here about 400 years back. Made with the best quality silk, these sarees are for life.

People behind the art

Designed by skilled craftsmen, each Kanchi pattu saree narrates the story of Indian traditions and culture. The experts who design and weave the sarees are immensely clued-up and ingenious. Weaving is not just a professional for them, but they are passionate about it. They come out with an exceptional design, pattern and color combination from the sea of their thoughts every time they weave a Kanchi pattu saree. They always use golden and silver zari that make this outfit exceptionally rich. They love to experiment with heavily designed tallava temples, palaces, paintings, birds and animal designs, etc. The weavers are treasured all around for their dazzling weaving skills.

Making of Kanchi Pattu sarees

The amazing blend of soft silk and heavy embroidery is something every woman is in love with.  Pure mulberry silk is used to weave these sarees using three shuttles weaving process. The Pallu is the heart that is designed intensely with heavy golden and silver zari. Usually, the pallu is of a different color. To make a pattu saree, two weavers work simultaneously over one handloom.

Explore the range online

Pattu sarees are greatly cherished among women, especially who are fond of silk. To find one of the most gorgeous pattu saree for a special event, browse the web. You will find a pool of designer sarees online with just a click. Go for a reliable e-commerce website and opt for the most amazing one.